Tashina Lee Emery Designs is a one woman operation fashioning one-of-a-kind designs from Michigan's Upper Peninsula and belongs to the Ojibwe Keweenaw Bay Indian Community. Creating contemporary aesthetics influenced by her own roots, the natural world, and a fascination of post-colonization. Tashina's originals are unmistakably her own, purposefully raw, lasting and holds an overwhelming presence of history and spirit.
Clearing of the sky cloud woman. Misanaquadikwe is my Native American name. The one who can clear a cloudy day. My optimism comes from my upbringing and being raised traditionally on my small reservation. I have been navigating the edge of two worlds and developed fluidity between the two: the small town Indian girl and the city cosmopolitan. I am Miss Keweenaw Bay Native American Princess of 2008, a Yooper, who took on the University of Michigan and recently graduated with a BA in Art & Design from Penny Stamps School of Art & Design with a minor in Native American Studies. Focusing on the unique individual I am and letting culture, identity, race, privilege, represent an influence, be a source of empowerment, not a definition. I will keep clearing clouds in the sky.
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